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How to open locked Windows 10 using a Microsoft account?

Have you forgotten your Windows 10 password and are unable to log in to your Windows computer system? Passwords are essential to keep your device protected from unauthorized access. But if don’t remember your password and are locked out of your device, then follow the instructions provided in this article to regain the access:

(Since Microsoft account is a single account that can be used to access all your Microsoft’s products and services, you can use it as a medium to get the access of your Windows 10 system back)

1. Go to the Microsoft Account Password Reset page by visiting https://account.live.com/password/reset
2. Provide your email address, phone number or Skype ID associated with the Microsoft account
3. Click Next
4. Microsoft will send a verification code on your selected option 
5. Access your email address or phone number, and copy the code
6. Enter the code in the text box, and click Next
7. Enter a new password for the Windows 10 PC
8. Retype the password to confirm 
9. It’s done

Use this password and have access to all your applications and software installed on your unlocked Windows 10.  

Please note that if you cannot access the email address linked to Microsoft account and you have not added a phone number either, then click “I cannot access the verification option” after step 3. Here are the further instructions:

1. Provide any other email address you have the access to
a) In case, if you don’t have any, then click Create a new one with Outlook.com by following the onscreen prompts
b) After the successful creation, provide that email on this page
2. Enter the characters shown in the image in the textbox available below to it
3. Click Next
4. Now, do as instructed on the screen to reset your Windows 10 password 

Tips to keep in mind while setting up your Windows 10 password 

Always keep a password that is easy to remember by you and hard to guess by anyone. Passwords such as your date of birth, mobile number, or “abcdef” are easy to crack by anyone who tries to access your device in your absence. 
* Change your password after a certain period 
* While setting up a password, make sure you use a combination of small letters, capital letters, and special characters
* Don’t forget to read the password guidelines Don’t write too much as a hint of your password (Windows 10 systems allow you to set a hint for your account password. This hint helps you to remember the password)
* Above all, never share your password with someone you don’t trust as someone might delete all your crucial data or software or even corrupt the whole device by injecting a virus

How to change Windows 10 password 

Now, when you know that it is good to change your device’s password after a certain time, then read it below to understand how to do this:

1. Go to the Windows Start Menu and find the Control Panel
a) Or simply search Control Panel in the search option available on the taskbar
2. Go to User Accounts
3. Click Change Account Type
4. You will see all the accounts 
5. Now, click the account you want to change the password of
6. From the displayed options, click Change the password
7. Enter your current password Now, enter a new password
8. Type it again in the next text box to confirm
9. Click Change Password, and it’s done!

Hope the information was useful!

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